Left 4 Punk’d 2

This troll Bluto and his buddy came on to my expert game just to boot everyone off it seems.

Dear Valve,

I have a huge problem with one of the server mechanics of this game. Every time I go online to play for the expert achievements it seems like some troll is out to screw us over.

The worst kind seems to be a new technique. Log onto a server that others have been playing since the beginning, almost at the end of the game. Get a friend to log on too and vote-kick all of the players off.

Since you’ve been vote-kicked off, you can’t report the user for abuse. But you still have been taken advantage of.

I just wasted the past hour trying to get through a campaign only for someone to pull this prank on me.

Someone named Bluto on server 7:30PM EST Monday April 8th, 2013.

Please fix this part of the game so that only users who have been playing since the beginning have vote-kick privileges. New players have to play through a level to get vote-kick privileges. That seems fair to me and it would mitigate this problem