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Upgrading Compy!

I upgraded my old AMD FX CPU and supporting hardware to a new 2nd Generation Ryzen 2700x CPU! It’s so much faster and this was long overdue!

Corsair H60 2nd failure



For the 2nd time my Corsair H60 has started making odd noises and today my CPU went above 100 degrees (190 at one point). My motherboard shut down the system because of the failure. Here’s hoping there’s no irreparable damage to my CPU. (Probably micro-fractures in the die but only time will tell.)

Corsair, to their credit, have already replaced this unit once. The same thing happened with the other one. Pump began making odd noises and then must have failed altogether.

Normally the pump doesn’t make any noise really and doesn’t indicate it’s working, so when it does fail, it tends to fail silently. This design causes damage to your CPU, which is not really the kind of thing you’re looking for in a water cooling solution. Stability is usually one of those things you expect from such a product.

I hope Corsair will be so good as to replace my H60 with something newer. I hope it is something that can indicate whether or not it’s working. Replacing these water coolers in my computer is beginning to be more effort and potential damage to my PC than it’s worth.

[EDIT] Corsair offered to replace the unit straight away and I’ll be getting the slightly newer version of the H60. Here’s hoping the pump seizing issue is resolved.

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