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To those who would try…

This website is custom built line-by-line by yours truly.

I have not implemented any BBCode in the ShoutOuts box. Nor will injecting HTML into the ShoutOuts box work.

Have a nice day, and please stop wasting everyone’s time by posting garbage characters.


I’ve moved on from maintaining the code for this mammoth project myself. I’m way too busy these days so I’m using WordPress instead. Please, if you find a bug – just let me know rather than trashing my site. πŸ˜‰

White hat hackers are 10x more ‘elite’ than black hats anyway. They are typically good both in the PC world and in the real world. πŸ˜‰

Oh yeah…

… before I forget to mention this, I got dumped last monday.

It sucked, but you’ve just got to move on.


A bad move by Telus

Telus is typically my favourite cell phone service provider. I have never been to an area where I have not had coverage. I enjoy using Pay and Talk because that way I can regulate how much I spend on my phone service. As well, all of their services are easy to access.

They are not fairly priced, however.

As well, recently I added a feature to my account at a cost of $30 which is labelled “Extended Evenings and Weekends.”

Now, usually an “Evenings and Weekends” plan lasts all evening between the stated times and all day for each of the two days of the weekend, Saturday and Sunday.

This plan does not work this way. It is simply an Evenings plan, no weekends. I feel suckered as that $30 only covers evening calling when I was mislead to believe it covered weekends as well. What a bunch of ripoff artists. I’m really upset now as this plan used to be a good one and they seem to have changed it for the worst.

I hate you Telus! >:(

A failure of the last mile

A picture of a T-Shirt with the words, Why do projects fail? This guy thinks he knows, and it makes sense.

“It’s a failure of the last mile.”

The first step

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

This is that step. I am atΓ‚ Haaseltons, the local coffee shop hammering out the structure for this site so I can make some style sheets and back end code for it.

The idea is pretty simple, I want a blog, a guestbook of sorts (the shout-outs box) and a place to showcase any work I’m proud of (the soon to be Portfolios section).

Well, I won’t waste any more time on declaring what I’m doing and I’ll get back to doing it! This is exciting (for me at least!)

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