Anime Fan’s Strife

“It’s all your fault I can’t get any work done…,” she said to me on MSN, “…i keep watching elfen lied.”

It’s a common affliction among anime fans to watch episode after episode of fansubbed animation. The storylines are often riviting and end in cliffhangers or otherwise leave you wanting more.

I think my work is done here… ^_^


World of Warcraft takes up a lot of my time these days. I have paid up a 6 month subscription on the service, which cost me $98 CDN with taxes (I think, I have yet to get the bill.)

It’s a great game, game of the year in 2004 I believe. It won a Gamespot Editor’s Choice award as well.

So other than creating this website, working and enjoying time with my friends & girlfriend (and trying to play guitar) – that’s what I do. 🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day

Well people, happy St. Valentine‘s day.

My love is sleeping in her bed as the day wastes away… I suppose we’ll spend some time together later.

Myself, I like to wake up and enjoy the day. What is happy about today? If you don’t have a certain someone to share it with, could you share it with friends and/or family who have nothing to do as well? *shrug*

Well… This morning I basically did some work from home that I won’t get paid for. Server management stuff… and now I think I’ll be going out for coffee.


My friend and co-worker Corby a.k.a. Kork has set up a great place to discuss your XML related questions. Check it out! It’s

See you there!

[Edit 2009/01/29 – It seems Corby has taken down]

Jammin’ first birthday

Today I attended my friend Jake’s first born’s first birthday. The event was set in a historic building in town and lots of friends from out of town were there. It was great.

His son seemed to really enjoy it.

Afterward, we spent some time catching up at the local coffee shop – reminding me of how important it is to keep in touch with friends.

Yeah, like that’ll happen. 😛

When I left the coffee shop I went over to my friend Steph’s place and jammed a bit. We tried to hammer out One by Metallica. Yeah, we had fun trying.

Other than that, nothing productive really.


What I forgot to mention earlier is that I am currently developing this web application as I go. I add new features each day but the site, as it is, is incomplete.

I’ll try my best to leave unfinished features hidden so as to not confuse new visitors.

Today was interesting. I went up to Trent U for the first time in a long, long time. I ate at the O.C. caffeteria with Niki and then we went back into town. It was a bust as far as getting anything done, but I hadn’t seen campus in a while.

I took a few photos today, some of which I like. I’ll try to post them when I add the picture functionality.