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A new laptop!

I� have just ordered a new laptop and it should be in at the store later this afternoon.

Of course I had to throw a monkey-wrench into the equation and add 512Mb RAM to the original 512Mb to make 1Gb RAM after the laptop had already arrived in store.

To see if I wanted this laptop, I wanted to test it’s 3D speed. To do this I basically ran a� program I made that puts� 10000 random triangles up on an OpenGL window and spins them around. It did this quite well. It rendered them quicker, in fact, than my workstation at work.

I’m excited! 😀

Hell-week gets even better!

Another problem. This time a MiniDV tape which was miss-labeled by my co-worker causes me to duplicate 75 incorrect DVDs and 10 incorrect VHS… I even reviewed the content and it looked similar to the content that was supposed to be duplicated.

But it was not.

Oh hell!

I’m just exasperated… I do everything right and it still blows up in my face. Dammit!

I got no style… sheets

I have no style

… the reason, is because I have prioritized much of my life above this personal web log. Perhaps I need to change that soon and spruce up the place. It looks dull.

Don’t jar my workflow!

My gripe today, is with Adobe CS. Specifically, I don’t like the new Photoshop for one reason.

I use Adobe Photoshop CS at work for several small image processing tasks and some larger graphic design tasks. I am quite adept at using Photoshop even though the focus of my job is programming and IT.

Adobe Photoshop CS prevents me from right-clicking on a file, selecting “Open With” and adding it to the list of programs I can open a particular type of file with.

I ALWAYS use this feature. It is an integral part of my workflow when working with images. Why Adobe‘s CS staff didn’t see this I can imagine has to do with the plethora of other useful features Photoshop CS has to offer. The little things often get overlooked in such ambitious projects.

I want my Open With back… 🙁

For now, I’ll deal with dragging the file’s icon onto the taskbar. I don’t like it. It feels dirty. It feels like I’m using a Mac 😉

Well, that’s it for my gripe.

[Edit] It seems to have been fixed. I don’t know if it’s a patch or something I did but it’s not a problem anymore.

Useful Idiot

In this song, Useful Idiot by Tool – are they prompting the person to think of it as an oxymoron (and then giggle?)

I did…

The ‘song’ consists of static that slowly gets louder until the track ends.

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