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Bowling for Empties

In 2026 Seamus McThirsty engaged in a new pass time that would be passed down throughout the ages…

Upon completing the task of empting a case of 24, Seamus was faced with a new challenge – a need for entertainment, and a surplus of empties.

Thus, the game of Bowling for Empties was born on the streets of Peterborough on Antrim, a sacred spot of much partying. This game was not to be played except but in the middle of a street. (The bottles would not stand well in the yard.)

The game was simple, it mimicked bowling in every way except the pins were empty bottles, there were no lanes, the bowling ball came from the Wall of Mart, and the number of pins increased as the players indulged in libations.

Much merriment ensued as the cars swerved and dodged around the players while they got a strike. The passerbys cheered on the bowlers as they chugged while picking up a spare… and not a police officer was to be seen on this holiest of nights.

The great game of Bowling for Empties should be taught in pre-schools. The bowlers of the future shall bowl proudly as they careen their spherine into bottles of guiness, and lakeport and to a lesser degree the light of coors.

Yea, though they walk through the valley of cheap beer, the shadow was not cast on their game.

Summer Weddings

If there’s one thing that you learn about getting older, it’s that you will be invited to many, many friend’s weddings – especially in the summer.

Being invited to a wedding is a great thing. You get to dress your best and go out for a night of dinner and dancing. Quite fun.

Be prepared, my twenty-somethings… you’ll soon be attending weddings more frequently than you actually go to church!


Wet and Pissed Off

Typically I don’t mind a sudden shower, in fact sometimes I even enjoy it…

… you rush home, get drenched and put on some new clothes and everything is better.

Everything is better, that is, unless you have just lost some of your belongings to the downpour. As well, Monday it hailed near Trent University iceballs the size of marbles!

I had in my bookbag on Monday evening, my laptop with power supply, a thick Coldfusion MX manual that belongs to a friend, all of my newly purchased math course books, paper, and new clipboard as well as my digital camera, my pens and pencils, my cellphone and the list goes on.

Of all these things the only device not to work after drying out was my laptop power supply, not a huge deal one would think, but still irksome after only owning the laptop a few months. As well, I’m not sure about the condition of my friend’s Coldfusion manual yet as it was in the same puddle at the bottom of my bookbag as the power supply was.

Well I went online to find that a standard power supply for laptops can cost upwards of $120!!!

I managed to find a deal at $20 US on eBay, which will end up costing me about $60 Canadian when I add on $13 shipping USD, convert that to Canadian funds, pay brokerage and taxes on those items and they arrive at my door.

What a pain in the ass!

Something new

Well since I haven’t posted in a while I felt I owed anyone who actually reads this site an explanation.

You see, the truth is I’m working on a new look for this site.

The original layout I made for this version looked nice with minimal content. Now that the page has grown in size I have had to rethink the layout.

As well, I was getting bored of this whole purple thing so I thought I’d re-brand myself yet again.

I can’t offer an ETA on this proposed ‘new look’ as other projects are pressing – but I assure you that it will be soon in coming.


Anime North 2006

Line-up for Registration to get your badge at Anime North 2006

Anime North was a blast this year with way more people and events than I had imagined. The show was big last year, but this year it was huge! The line-up on Saturday morning, the second day of the convention went all the way around the Toronto Congress Center!There were many good costumes and I didn’t get them all but I have a few here for you to see.


As well there were 3 Dance Dance Revolution type game booths, an area to play cards, a dealer’s room where you could buy merchandise, the artist’s alley, the auction and much more. That only counts for one building! Across from the Congress Center there is the Doubletree Hotel where half of the convention was held.

a look down the line

There were pannel discussions on various topics from types of anime to how to get a (and how not to get) a ‘con girlfriend’ (meaning a girlfriend at the convention).

Yaoi PhotoshootYaoi PhotoshootYaoi Photoshoot

There were many impromptu photoshoots such as this Yaoi Photoshoot which was more yuri than yaoi.

Camera crews scoured the event looking for interesting tidbits here and there. News agencies and YTV were seen wandering about taking interviews from the various convention goers.

In the Doubletree Hotel there were video games of various genres being played. Board games and games of ‘go’ were being played in the side lobby as well. In many of the rooms there were videos showing of various anime with some rooms showing themes such as, “Anime Hell” or “The first 40 years of anime.”

anime wrestling in the convention centeranime wrestling in the convention center

The streets were pretty much taken over by people in costume durring the event much to the chagrin of commuters. Thankfuly I didn’t see any ambulances so I assume noone was hit whilst bolting across the streets. Some of the fans took to crossing where there were no crosswalks, even though the traffic can be quick and dangerous in this area.

tons of people in costume on the streets

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