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Meet Sam!

Hi! This is Sam! She’s what leapt out of my imagination this weekend. I hope you like her!


My wife writes a lot of great stories, some of which even get published. As her partner, I get to read some first drafts too!

I’m excited she’s releasing one of them on Wattpad, so I can read the final draft too!

Creampuffs is about a nerdy girl who sets out on a new journey to create a gym for people like her! She quickly gets in over her head with shady relatives and their dealings getting in the way.

Thankfully there’s someone cute around to talk to!

Go take a look! The first few chapters are up already and if you like it, share it around! We’d love nothing better than for her stories to be enjoyed by many people.

Have a lovely Wednesday!

Texture Resources for Modelling

Note to self: when in search of textures for my next project, I’ll have this list handy.

Windows 10 Equivalent to chmod

icacls * /reset /t /c /q

I was looking for an equivalent to chmod and this seems to be it. The old DOS command attrib does not exist anymore. Neither does chattr (I think that one was QNX from the late 80s/early 90s).

This was the only way I could find to claim ownership on some files I had written in linux but needed access to in Windows.

Hope this helps someone else!

/tPerforms the operation on all specified files in the current directory and its subdirectories.
/cContinues the operation despite any file errors. Error messages will still be displayed.
/qSuppresses success messages.

For more information, be sure to check out the icacls documentation on Technet.

WordCamp Toronto

Interesting event so far. The first presentation surrounded Gutenberg and its accessibility and content creation benefits, as well as its detractors and what issues you might have with Gutenberg.

Having adopted Gutenberg at least partially already, I see a lot of possibilities for the block-based design.

I look forward to developing blocks both for use on my own blog and professionally.

I’ve run into a surprising number of old friends here too. I intended to meet up with Alan, a friend who I know through my partner.

I didn’t know I would run into Andy McIlwain and David Chambo, both friends from my time living and working in Peterborough.

It seems my old company Whatever is quite different these days. All of the familiar faces have moved on.

The second presentation was a bit late (about half an hour) due to the projectors overheating. The content itself was interesting. Thiago spoke about the most common plugins WP users use and what they look like in a post Gutenberg world.

The lunch room was very full, so we stood around and chatted about old times.

The third presentation was about automation and featured David’s boss. The tools discussed seemed useful but I am losing interest quickly. That always happens with these kinds of events.

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