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Windows 10 Equivalent to chmod

icacls * /reset /t /c /q

I was looking for an equivalent to chmod and this seems to be it. The old DOS command attrib does not exist anymore. Neither does chattr (I think that one was QNX from the late 80s/early 90s).

This was the only way I could find to claim ownership on some files I had written in linux but needed access to in Windows.

Hope this helps someone else!

/tPerforms the operation on all specified files in the current directory and its subdirectories.
/cContinues the operation despite any file errors. Error messages will still be displayed.
/qSuppresses success messages.

For more information, be sure to check out the icacls documentation on Technet.

WordCamp Toronto

Interesting event so far. The first presentation surrounded Gutenberg and its accessibility and content creation benefits, as well as its detractors and what issues you might have with Gutenberg.

Having adopted Gutenberg at least partially already, I see a lot of possibilities for the block-based design.

I look forward to developing blocks both for use on my own blog and professionally.

I’ve run into a surprising number of old friends here too. I intended to meet up with Alan, a friend who I know through my partner.

I didn’t know I would run into Andy McIlwain and David Chambo, both friends from my time living and working in Peterborough.

It seems my old company Whatever is quite different these days. All of the familiar faces have moved on.

The second presentation was a bit late (about half an hour) due to the projectors overheating. The content itself was interesting. Thiago spoke about the most common plugins WP users use and what they look like in a post Gutenberg world.

The lunch room was very full, so we stood around and chatted about old times.

The third presentation was about automation and featured David’s boss. The tools discussed seemed useful but I am losing interest quickly. That always happens with these kinds of events.

Tenk Werz

I’ve been working hard over the past month, using NaNoWriMo combined with a Trello board as a goal tracking mechanism. The goal? I made a game, of course!

Tenk Werz is a 3/4 perspective artillery game. The goal of this exercise was to re-create one of the originals. Tank Wars for DOS.

I started vlogging around the same time as I started this project, so my vlogs were mostly about the process of developing Tenk Werz and what I did to keep myself going.

All in all it’s been fun, and I hope you give the game a try on!

How To Fix: Pokรฉmon Go + / Gotcha won’t connect to Moto Z3 Play

We had a problem with a new Moto Z3 Play where after adding the Pokemon Go + (Gotcha in this case) to the Bluetooth menu, it would still not appear in the Pokemon Go Plus menu in Pokemon Go.

Well, the fix in this case was simple. Just REMOVE the PoGo+ device from your system Bluetooth menu on your android phone and go into the game. Suddenly the PoGo+ (Gotcha) appears!

Yup! That’s pretty silly! But it appears that if you already have it connected through the system menu on a Moto Z3 Play it won’t appear in game.

I don’t recall any such issue with my LG Q Stylo+ but maybe the low power bluetooth mode on the Z3 Play is different somehow.

The Archivist

I was on the train and wrote a short story for my cutie while I looked out the rain-covered windows.

The archivist keeps a grand library. A museum of curiosities, it is great both in size and opulence.

One day, the archivist left her assistant in charge, and went into town to trade for a book she had heard of through a network of friends who keep an eye out for treasures for her.

Upon returning, she discovered that a part of her collection has been stolen. Apparently someone of a more heroic nature has followed the thief away from the archive. Her assistant could not remember his name, but only that he had vowed to return the lost artefact. It was a particularly old book, not very noteworthy other than its age.

Not being one to leave matters to others she doesn’t know, the archivist follows her assistant’s vague pointing after the hero, and her lost book.

Upon discovering the heroic one, he seems badly hurt. Apparently his showdown with the thief did not go as planned and he took some lumps for his effort.

The archivist thanked him and helped him as best she could. She left him with some water and headed off after the thief herself, despite the hero’s warnings.

The archivist thought it prudent to not jump headlong into a battle with a thief who had bested someone who seemed more qualified than she, so she laid low and bided her time, following the thief to another city.

Once she arrived, she followed the thief to what appeared to be a little home along some dirty streets lined with shabby buildings.

With her newfound information, the archivist heads for the local authorities, who quietly arrest the thief.

The archivist asked the thief, “why did you take this old book?”

The thief was overcome with grief.

Apparently he does not have much access to literature, and he had simply wanted to read the book.

So the archivist decided to make the thief an associate of her archive right on the spot. She agreed to share the archive with the thief in his city, so long as the archive remained in good condition.

And that’s how inter-library loans started!


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