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Isolation Game Jam

I made a game for the Isolation Jam game jam this weekend and you can try it out above! It’s a little shooter where you play as soap firing bubbles at nasty viruses!

Pick up the pink soap bubbles and don’t touch the viruses or you’ll get sick!

Source Code

I made the source code for my jam public on my own Gitlab repository!

Half-Life Alyx Stream 1

I played Half Life Alyx on my stream at last night! It’s super fun! The controls are tight and this really is a great experience so far!

How to Fix: Gitlab LetsEncrypt Renewal Failure

So my LetsEncrypt certificate for Gitlab expired, and I wanted to see if I could manually renew it, since it did not renew on its own.

I was getting an error in the console when running sudo gitlab-ctl renew-le-certs that said the response from the server was malformed.

Digging deeper, it seems that it can be really simple to get around.

Simply edit /opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/letsencrypt/resources/certificate.rb and comment out the lines in the acme_certificate section as shown in the image above.

Now you should be able to force the certificate to renew by manually running sudo gitlab-ctl renew-le-certs again!


Vlog Thursday – Coping Well!

I talk about the last week, how things have been going and what has worked for us!

Vlog THursday!

Today I’m talking about Furnal Equinox 2020 and my little platformer demo.

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