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If a video seems pretty cool, I’ll post it here.

An Eye Opener

I usually save this kind of thing for my Facebook feed these days, but this video really gets to me. It touches me every time I watch it. I figured out the theme pretty much right away, but the reveal was no less stunning.

XBOX 360 Red Dead Redemption Lockup

So I was trying to play the last Armadillo mission when the action suddenly froze, but my controller kept rumbling and the game sounds continued.

Lucasfilm releases details of new advanced CGI techniques

Well in those days computers were apparently 1-4Mhz on the server end of things. Doing wireframe perspective matrix transformations quick enough to rotate things in real time was a big deal. I mean… I wasn’t born yet – but the literature clearly indicates there were parties in the streets. LOL

Is this kind-of like a Rickroll?

Your daily dose of cute

So some artic foxes made an airport their home. I’ve never seen these things before and my first reaction was, “awwww.”

So I needed to share them for sure.

What we Still Don’t Know – Documentary

This is a really interesting video so I thought I’d share it with you. I’ve actually coded the game of life stuff when I first heard about it. It’s fun stuff to play with and change the rules to see what happens. 😀

Bad Science claims about the Multiverse

Mostly I’m interested in the cell game and fun automata experiments like it, but if you have anything to add please comment on this article.

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