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Cream the Rabbit Mechanim Test Scenery

I added a bit of scenery and fixed the rigging of the model a bit. It seems to exhibit some issues in the web output that I didn’t see in the preview in Unity 3D still.

You can play with a demo of the Cream the Rabbit Mechanim test here.

Cream the Rabbit Mechanim Test

This morning I managed to rig the Cream the Rabbit model I made and import it into Unity 3D to test with the mostly-automagical Mechanim rig/animation suite.

It was actually fairly painless. If you name the bones in your armature the same as they are in the Mechanim dialogue it automatically links everything up!

The only downsides I see, is that there is definitely some tweaking to be done around the weight painting in the model.

When the model initializes, her back juts way out because the arms are somehow linked to the back of her dress.

You can also see both eyes inexplicably bob up and down as she runs. Really strange! She’s also frowning which I believe is related to the default pose as well, despite her not having any bones (armature anchor points) directly related to the mouth.

All in all it seems pretty simple to set up, though.

You can play with a demo of the Cream the Rabbit Mechanim test here.

Cream the Rabbit Blender Model

Worked on the initial model a while ago. Now I’ve cleaned some things up and added the clothes. T-pose only so far. I need to rig it still.

3D Modelling of a Low Poly Rubbish Bin

I’m working on a little project and I’ve decided to share my process of modelling some of the assets. Hopefully it helps someone.

I’ll have to figure out a way to screencast my keypresses. Somehow the default blender functionality for this isn’t working.

At 1458 tris, it will be able to convey enough visual information to be interpreted as a rubbish bin without using too much GPU power. This will be fairly small when it’s placed in the project.

Coding & Logic & Fantastic Flights

My list of work this week has been less visual or exciting so I haven’t posted much of it here.

First I created the bits of code that control the character. This is very much a work in progress, but the character can be controlled with the WASD keys, space, and the mouse.

Next I created code that allowed the player to pick up various items and store them in a C# list. I didn’t decide on an inventory for this game, but it’s still very much in the cards.

The third item, which I’m still working on, is the enemy movement.

As you can see in the tweet above, it hasn’t been going smoothly. My current struggle is figuring out how to code it so that the keyper can knock the player back when they collide.

The idea is that the keyper rushes into you, knocks you down, and takes the keys away from you.

Then it will rush around returning the keys to their starting positions.

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