Daily Musings

I Love Coffee

To anyone who knows me, which probably means anyone bothering to read this blog, that comes as no surprise.

An article on Sympatico’s Health and Fitness section claims to have ended the debate as to whether coffee is good or bad for you, with little evidence on the page itself, mind you.

However, the actual article is fascinating in and of itself as it lists many nerdy details about coffee you might like to know.

Check it out. :3

I like a light roast for more caffeine.

Daily Musings Geeky Technical Stuff

Hotlinking sites get Goatse’ed

This is too funny.

Apparently a template design company created a “design” using a picture of the grim reaper from someone’s website and instead of copying the file, hot-linked directly to the file on their webserver.

Well the owner of this website simply moved the old file and put up the image instead. Suddenly hundreds of thousands of bad(�) websites were displaying a horrifying image instead of the grim reaper.

Read the story, it’s eye-openingly funny.

Daily Musings

Lost Photos

Backup, backup, backup. It seems every time I get rid of something I don’t think that I’ll be needing – I want it for some reason.

I’ve deleted all of my holiday photos from my laptop. Sorry, folks.

Daily Musings

Merry Christmas

I was raised Roman Catholic so I’ll dispense with the politically correct refuse that people seem to be slinging around these days.

If you celebrate something else, I hope you have fun and if you’re the type to take offence to Catholic traditions (taken from older religions, mind you), then I hope you get a sense of humor and a dose of reality for Christmas 😉

Now that I’ve covered my bases I’d like to tell you that being home for Christmas is great. I’ll likely post a few of the better shots from this trip on my Flickr stream if you care to see them. I’ve taken a ton of photos.

I love the Christmas season not so much for the presents as for the opportunity to see family I don’t often visit durring the year. That’s just the way my family does things. We see each other on special occasions mostly.

Today it is snowing and that’s a great thing. I’m going outside to play with my niece and nephew.


Daily Musings

Wisdom in Teeth

Why do they call the molars you get in your later teens or early twenties “Wisdom Teeth”?

I find that quite presumptuous as at this time in your life you’re just getting used to living on your own. Perhaps they should be called, “getting a little wiser teeth,” or, “life sucks, get used to it teeth.”

Anyway, I’ve just had my wisdom teeth pulled and it wasn’t as traumatic an experience as it is for most people. I was eating solid food the same day and had only minor discomfort. Thankfully since I waited so long to let them grow in, I didn’t need dental surgery – just an extraction.

That also saved big on the cost of the proceedure. The downside is that I was living with a tooth that dug into my cheek for a while – wich occasionally caused discomfort.

I think the wisdom in “Wisdom Teeth” is the lesson that no matter how big you think your problems are, they could be worse. 😉

Here are some excerpts I have found:

“They are generally thought to be called wisdom teeth because they appear so late – much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child, when the other teeth erupt.” (

“‘wisdom’ teeth is a term coined long [ago] when our lifespans were much shorter. It’s a coming of age, being the wise one in the clan thing.”