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When I just write something about an event or thought that comes to mind.

Vlog Thursday – Goals!

Today’s vlog is about my HRT progress, finishing old projects, and learning new things!

Vlog Thursday – a good SAD

Talking about my short time on Estradot, and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Vlog Thursday – “transactional” friendship

Are you having problems understanding basic human decency? Do you go on Twitter to complain about made up things like how, “people treat friendships as transactional these days”?

Don’t go on reddit to post that AITA article, because I have the answer! Just watch this video!

Honestly, I don’t get why this is so hard.

People have a set amount of energy to go about their day.

Some people have a history of ALWAYS being the one to support others. Sometimes with no help for their own issues.

Some of these people even have friends who don’t ask them how they’re doing or anything and just assault them with a barrage of all the bad things happening in the world without even asking if it’s okay.

That can take a lot out of you. That takes a very real toll on the person who does all the listening. Sometimes it IS INDEED TOO MUCH.

So when people say emotional labour in an interpersonal context:

  2. That is a very real and valid concern and you shouldn’t dismiss it

People use up their emotional energy throughout the day and sometimes trying to help someone else out when you are low on spoons yourself is no help at all, worse yet you put yourself into a bad spot!

Please, please, please respect people and understand that sometimes being supportive and respectful to your friends includes having to tell them when it’s not a good time to vent.

Thank-you for coming to my TED talk.

Vlog Thursday

Today’s vlog Thursday entry is VERY brief, because I forgot, until bedtime! 😀

Vlog Thursday : HRT

This vlog Thursday video I talk about starting HRT and the first snowy bike ride!

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