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When I just write something about an event or thought that comes to mind.

Half-Life Alyx Stream 1

I played Half Life Alyx on my stream at last night! It’s super fun! The controls are tight and this really is a great experience so far!

How to Fix: Gitlab LetsEncrypt Renewal Failure

So my LetsEncrypt certificate for Gitlab expired, and I wanted to see if I could manually renew it, since it did not renew on its own.

I was getting an error in the console when running sudo gitlab-ctl renew-le-certs that said the response from the server was malformed.

Digging deeper, it seems that it can be really simple to get around.

Simply edit /opt/gitlab/embedded/cookbooks/letsencrypt/resources/certificate.rb and comment out the lines in the acme_certificate section as shown in the image above.

Now you should be able to force the certificate to renew by manually running sudo gitlab-ctl renew-le-certs again!


Vlog Thursday – Coping Well!

I talk about the last week, how things have been going and what has worked for us!

Vlog THursday!

Today I’m talking about Furnal Equinox 2020 and my little platformer demo.

Vlog Thursday

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