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Apparently my good luck charm is the Scarab… greeeeat. A dung beetle! (>_<)

April Fools – Foiled by the Law?

A mario-style question mark block made of a cardboard box and wrapping paper.An April fools joke turned sour this year in Ohio as 5 teenage girls may face criminal charges for their prank.

Their crime? They placed 17 Super Mario Brothers question blocks around their town of Ravenna, Ohio. Now, apparently not everyone is aware of the cultural significance of the question blocks and the bomb squad was called in to check out one of the packages which was placed on the steps of a church!

The girls claimed responsibility and now the police say they are working on criminal charges.

“The potential is always present when dealing with a suspicious package that it could be deadly,” McCoy told the Record-Courier. “In today’s day and age, you just cannot do this kind of stuff.”

Really the paranoia created by the events of 9/11, homeland security, etc have affected us far too much already. This is just not funny. These girls didn’t even intend to scare people, and at most they should get a slap on the wrists.

XBOX Media Center

XBMC is about the coolest thing since sliced bread (if sliced bread were ever really that cool).

It gives me the ability to do pretty much anything I want with my XBOX and it’s attractive as well!

I can play videos over the LAN off of SMB shares, from CD or DVD or pretty much anywhere you can think of.

It’s truly great.

Not so “Flashy” anymore…

A screenshot of a web page with flash elements where the elements are outlined by the new patch.Macromedia Flash supporters are going to have to rework their code as IE has now been fully patched to essentially disable interaction with Flash elements until the user clicks on the element to enable it.

Some may think of this as a godsend, but for developers who use flash in navigation elements of their site (a bad practice) or who use Flash for key interactivity features of their site (a questionable practice) this comes as a great blow to their productivity.

The workaround is simple, use FlashObject – a DHTML loader for Flash elements. It supposedly fools IE into allowing Flash element interaction without clicking beforehand.

The reason why Microsoft decided to do this is in response to a long-running lawsuit between themselves and a company started out of the university of California called Eolas.


After throwing together the DVD drive from one dead XBOX and the motherboard and hard drive of another I finally have a working unit.

Now with the XFCE3 mod chip soldered in I can do pretty much anything I want with it. It’s pretty cool, as I now have EvolutionX as my dashboard instead of the standard green Microsoft one. It allows me to FTP in to my XBOX and add files such as homebrew applications and games.

The real goal here is to make it into a media center where I can play MPEG 1,2,4 / DivX / etc, DVDs and everything else you can think of. More on that later.

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