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You can’t rob David Copperfield

David Copperfield used sleight of hand to avoid being robbed while he was walking with two female assistants.

His two assistants gave over their purses containing their money, passports and a cell phone.

David, being the prestidigitator he is, turned his pockets inside out to reveal that there was nothing there when in fact he too was carrying his wallet and passport.

Okay, this man can make large buildings disappear before your very eyes. What on earth possessed 4 teenagers to try and mug David Copperfield? I don’t know… maybe it’s unfair as David Copperfield hasn’t done a television special in what seems like 10 years.

Kids these days just haven’t been warned… Don’t rob David Copperfield!

Epitaph for a fish

My gourami, Grenadine died… Poor gouramiramasama~

Rest in peace.


A cube rendered in OpenGLHappy Easter All!

I have been playing around with OpenGL again… this time translation, rotation and scaling.


And here is the Visual C++ Source.


Apparently my good luck charm is the Scarab… greeeeat. A dung beetle! (>_<)

April Fools – Foiled by the Law?

A mario-style question mark block made of a cardboard box and wrapping paper.An April fools joke turned sour this year in Ohio as 5 teenage girls may face criminal charges for their prank.

Their crime? They placed 17 Super Mario Brothers question blocks around their town of Ravenna, Ohio. Now, apparently not everyone is aware of the cultural significance of the question blocks and the bomb squad was called in to check out one of the packages which was placed on the steps of a church!

The girls claimed responsibility and now the police say they are working on criminal charges.

“The potential is always present when dealing with a suspicious package that it could be deadly,” McCoy told the Record-Courier. “In today’s day and age, you just cannot do this kind of stuff.”

Really the paranoia created by the events of 9/11, homeland security, etc have affected us far too much already. This is just not funny. These girls didn’t even intend to scare people, and at most they should get a slap on the wrists.

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