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Critical Mass’ design blatantly ripped off!

Critical Mass’ staffers are upset and they have good reason. It seems whomever has been doing web design for blatantly ripped off the design to Critical Mass’ website and used it for a client project.

Bad form guys… I mean really now. Professionals in the industry know each other’s sites and their respective looks and feels. There was no way you were going to get away with this long. I wager whoever is responsible took the money and ran, leaving the owners of with the legal problem.

I really hope they find the culprit and sue the pants off them…

A screenshot of CriticalMass.comA screenshot of, draw your own conclusions...

Luna Sea

With Love is one of my favourite old JRock songs. It was playing at work today so I got a little inspired.


Luna Sea With Love Lyrics

Lyrics for: Luna Sea – With Love

Semete dakishimete omoi ga todoita nara
Mezameru no sa tobira wo akete

Hibike itsu made mo samishi sa wo tsuranuite
Mune wo kogashi tsuzukete ite

Takai kabe ni fusagareteru sekai de
Tooku kasumu hikari kiete shimatte mo

Wasurenaide itsu mo soba ni iru yo
Wasurenaide kono merodi

Semete dakishimete aenai hi ga atte mo
Yumemiru koto osorenaide

Semete dakishimete omoi ga todoita nara
Mezameru no sa tobira wo akete

Hibike itsu made mo samishi sa ha
Kimi kara mezameta

Tsuyoku dakishimete kono ai ga
Samete shimau mae ni


Click here to hear With Love by Luna Sea.

Luna Sea Style  Album Cover

Project Over

Well, seeing as my friend is graduating and no longer needs to take the course – the hunt is over… Ah well. At least I have other friends in the same course who can use the data.

… or not! That friend quit the course too. Gah!

Herpatology Project – Day 1

Hello all.

Now I’ve agreed to help out a friend with her herpatology project. I go to the site with her, take photos and record the sounds on my laptop.

Speaking of recording, I’ve found the best little program for recording hours and hours of audio wihtout a hitch. Audacity is an open source project for audio editing and recording. It has all of the features you would want for quick recordings, including tracking audio (as in recording multiple stereo tracks at once). If you need something to quickly record some audio for you on your� PC, Mac or in Linux, make sure you check it out!

A green frog, indigenous to Ontario.

Unfortunately, the heavy rains made it nearly impossible to pick up the sounds of amphibians in the area. They weren’t making any noise anyway. They were out in full force, however and we saw 3 large green frogs and two rabbits.

As well, the remains of a crayfish were there. It was a great ending to an otherwise wet and miserable evening to actually find something useful.

Even the photos turned out great.

Until next time…

More Fish!

Two of my friends decided to buy me some more fish for my birthday. This is great as my fish tank was looking pretty sparse with only my tiger barb, which is an aggressive fish who I suspect killed all of his friends.

We went to Animalia, a local pet store which deals mostly with fish and reptiles. There was a large variety to choose from but we left the store with 3 blood-eyed tetras, a medium sized pleco and a silver catfish with huge feelers whose name I can’t remember.

As well, one friend insisted on real plants as she’s sure it helps the health of the fish.

Thanks guys! My fish tank now looks a lot better.

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