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We awoke the the sounds of birds singing and sun beams peeking through the cracks in the shuttered windows. The shepherd’s hut was a fantastic idea! We sat out on the porch and really caught up with each other. We talked for a while eating our porridge and having a coffee from the Nescafe machine.

We were so very comfortable and at peace that we didn’t want to leave! But we had to get to King’s Lynn for our next AirBnB reservation. To the car!

We took off in the direction of Blyford not really knowing that it was the right one, and happened uppon a small store called K&C Northgreen Farm Shop and an antique emporium! The store had a fenced in area with horses beside it, so we walked up to them and they walked up to us. I tried to pet one, but the moment they discovered we had no food the horse was disinterested.

We ate a chocolate square with many land mines (raisins) that was nonetheless delicious, and had a coffee and chatted a bit. The store owners were friendly and spoke with us a bit about the horses and apparently some cows that had been sick. Something about collick?

We continued onward toward Norwich to see the castle there. Our one castle for the trip! We usually make a rule about keeping castles to a minimum. This comes from Victoria’s dad providing a list of almost exclusively battlefields and castles when asked what he wanted to see in Japan.

Norwich is a beautiful town with a large town centre with tents and old buildings. We walked through Norwich’s “Royal Arcade” and across the street to Norwich Castle. The castle is fairly well preserved and came recommended for its cafe in the bottom level.

What we found inside was actually pretty neat. There is a lot of stone work intact and some of it seems to be missing in other parts. The museum inside explained the many uses of the grounds over time. There was some speculation and more historical accounts as we approach modern times.

It had been converted into a prison at one point and we agreed that we were glad they had kept that area off limits for study. We didn’t need to see an old prison anyway.

Some of the areas were missing displays as they are apparently in the middle of a big renovation. Some school children were making their way through while we went.

I took a lot of texture and archetectual shots while inside to maybe use as reference for modelling later.

The tour group of children were told to check out some intact ancient toilets, so we followed them in after to see what they looked like. Basically just a circular hole on a bench, with a bench across from them for someone else to join you on your royal throne.

The next set of toilets had two circular holes per bench, with two benches on either side of the room, and a sound accompaniment when you approached, sometimes.

Many of the smaller rooms had been covered in graffiti by children when they visited, a history of their own.

We headed for the cafe which had been suggested to us for lunch and they supposedly served Cornish pasties, but did not have them either. Every place we go they are missing the pasties! Victoria says I really should try one. Some day…

We checked out the wildlife and Anglo-Saxon parts of the museum and headed toward our AirBnB in King’s Lynn. Not content to simply drive straight there, we decided a day along the coast would be fine.

So we went north to Cromer, along Westgate Tollbar, then to Hunstanton. We made a stop at the coast to take photos and walk along the beach. It was lovely, and we could see a wind farm off the coast in the distance.

Satisfied with our day, we headed for King’s Lynn and ended up in front of a plaza with restaurants. So we decided that Frankie & Benny’s would be a good place to try. Apparently it’s reviewed as equivalent to the nearby Pizza Hut. Inside it was decked out in 50s/60s decor and played old music. We both had their signature burger and talked a bit. It was a perfectly acceptable burger. I rate it ? / ?

Our AirBnB was in a sleepy part of town in an old converted church. What could be very generously called a parking spot was blocked, so the owners came out, moved their car because they had to leave early, and let us in.

It was a fitful night’s sleep (that’s right, I’m writing this the next morning), but I’m ready to see what the day has for us. Oh… it’s a little rainy. Welcome to the UK.