Long Hiatus / New Project

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Hi there! I’ve taken a long hiatus from posting here, but I’ve been working on the Ur clone game on and off for the past several months.

Recently Victoria helped me set up a pommodoro whiteboard so I can keep track of my progress. It’s worked somewhat, but September has a lot of social obligations and I haven’t kept up with it as much as I’d like.

I have also coded myself into a corner with the game logic. I’ve realized that it makes sense at this point to refactor a lot of the game logic code.

So when I do get time to do a pommodoro of work, I’ve been trying to clean up and finish that part.

I’m still missing some graphics and the menus and UI could use a lot of love, but I’m still working on it.

In the interim I’ve also bought myself a 3D printer. It’s the TronXY 100. A cheap and cheerful acrylic frame printer. You receive the parts for it flat-packed like Ikea furniture and assemble it yourself.

I’ve been quite liking it. At first it was pretty wonky. The screws for the Z axis (augers?) were too tight in the z-axis gear that meshes with them to carry the z-axis up and down. It was so tight that when I received it, the printer didn’t really work. I had to grease them with automotive grease to get it to even move.

Since then I’ve actually done tiny mods to increase the amount of printable space on the y-axis. I can print slightly larger things and the prints are more accurate now that I’ve tightened things down.

What remains is to maybe build a much sturdier box frame for it instead of the free sanding tower. The tower has some give and I think that manifests as waves in my prints.

All said, I’m as busy as I always am. Maybe I should take time more often to write down my thoughts here, as reading through them again really helps solidify my plans.

That’s all for now. Have a wonderful day!

Author: Ean