The first step

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step.

This is that step. I am atร‚ Haaseltons, the local coffee shop hammering out the structure for this site so I can make some style sheets and back end code for it.

The idea is pretty simple, I want a blog, a guestbook of sorts (the shout-outs box) and a place to showcase any work I’m proud of (the soon to be Portfolios section).

Well, I won’t waste any more time on declaring what I’m doing and I’ll get back to doing it! This is exciting (for me at least!)

A new laptop!

Iรฏยฟยฝ have just ordered a new laptop and it should be in at the store later this afternoon.

Of course I had to throw a monkey-wrench into the equation and add 512Mb RAM to the original 512Mb to make 1Gb RAM after the laptop had already arrived in store.

To see if I wanted this laptop, I wanted to test it’s 3D speed. To do this I basically ran aรฏยฟยฝ program I made that putsรฏยฟยฝ 10000 random triangles up on an OpenGL window and spins them around. It did this quite well. It rendered them quicker, in fact, than my workstation at work.

I’m excited! ๐Ÿ˜€

Hell-week gets even better!

Another problem. This time a MiniDV tape which was miss-labeled by my co-worker causes me to duplicate 75 incorrect DVDs and 10 incorrect VHS… I even reviewed the content and it looked similar to the content that was supposed to be duplicated.

But it was not.

Oh hell!

I’m just exasperated… I do everything right and it still blows up in my face. Dammit!