Crayon Physics – Pure, Unadulterated Fun

Crayon Physics Screenshot

I hadn’t heard of this until I saw a digg video about the Deluxe Version.

Crayon Physics is a game with a simple concept. You draw on the screen with your mouse, stylus or other pointing device and attempt to get your red circle to the stars.

I find most of the fun is in drawing in crayon on a screen and making boxes fly all over the place and explode in interesting ways.

With enough levels and interesting puzzles I think this might make a great Nintendo DS game – especially if they found out some way of taking advantage of the second screen.

The soundtrack is extremely fitting and it’s available under creative commons licence.


The Dances of WoW

This video is very well done. Kudos.

It literally had me laughing out loud. My roommates must have thought I had lost my mind.